Chinese New Year Visit # 2

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year. At 12pm, my brother, parents and I went to my mum’s side of family. They are located at Balakong near The Mines Shopping Mall. We went there and I played the tablet with my cousin. Then, we went to another house, and stayed until 4.30pm. … Continue reading Chinese New Year Visit # 2

CNY Eve dinner, Dragon Blade

Today at 6pm, we (Me, mum, dad, brother, aunt, and uncle) reached the Restarant Hakka Siu Poon Choy to have our Chinese New Year Eve dinner. The first dish is the usual, Yee Sang, we tossed the Yee Sang while saying good wishes. Next, we have few dishes. Among those that attracts my attention is the … Continue reading CNY Eve dinner, Dragon Blade