How I deal with losing a phone

I went for a 3 days trip to Singapore with family. I took a lot of photos using my Xiaomi Mi 3 phone and it cannot be booted/ switched on after the first day. Later, I found out that my phone is dead and it will be too costly to repair, and the data cannot … Continue reading How I deal with losing a phone

Apps I’m currently using (Feb/2016 edition)

Business Google AdSense – to keep track of my website views and earnings YouTube Creator Studio – to keep track of my videos and views and earnings Admin Trello – my main task tracking Google Calendar – time specific events and archives Transportation Uber – Get personal cab Grab (MyTeksi) – In case I cannot … Continue reading Apps I’m currently using (Feb/2016 edition)

Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Today morning, I helped Jeslyn to fix her bug. She wants to have two version of jQuery for different part of code in her website, so I use a noconflict solution. It is great to help a senior on a task. Then, I went out with Alvin and Jason to Mediaprima to do a demo … Continue reading Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Bought Xiaomi mi4i

Today, I woke up late because I exercised yesterday, I am too tired. Uncle Hew cannot fetched me as I was late, so my dad fetched me to work. At work, I talked to yvonne on real life. Then, I changed banner, made a dummy WordPress page on our server, I made the car go … Continue reading Bought Xiaomi mi4i