Switch from Bluehost to DigitalOcean

This website shaunlgs.com is hosted at Bluehost for around 2 years. Initially I chose this web hosting company because it is recommended by WordPress and the hosting fee is cheap, around 3 USD per month. But, it is too slow for my liking. Even though my monthly views is only 1000+, I would like my … Continue reading Switch from Bluehost to DigitalOcean

How do I keep track of documentaries or movies I have watched?

As many book lovers may have known, https://www.goodreads.com/ is a good website to keep track of books that you like to read, post reviews of books, intereact with other book lovers. However, does that same service applies to movies or documentaries? Is there a place for movie lovers and documentary lovers to keep track of … Continue reading How do I keep track of documentaries or movies I have watched?

How to make money online (the no “bullshit” ways)

We always hear many scams online, all we want is just earn money the legit way, no MLM, scam, bullshit, so here I am presenting two tested ways to earn legit money online. There are two ways you can earn money online that I know of: First, Google Ads, you place ads from Google on … Continue reading How to make money online (the no “bullshit” ways)

Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Today morning, I helped Jeslyn to fix her bug. She wants to have two version of jQuery for different part of code in her website, so I use a noconflict solution. It is great to help a senior on a task. Then, I went out with Alvin and Jason to Mediaprima to do a demo … Continue reading Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

ATM machine

Today, as usual I went to eat Roti Canai and Tosai with Teh Ais before work. Then, I went to buy newspaper and my gum. I had recently started a gum addiction during work, I cannot work without chewing gum. I work on the second website project. Sometimes I hit a wall and I don’t … Continue reading ATM machine

CodeIgniter notes #3

I often scribble down important notes and stuff I learn in a notebook, I prefer to use a traditional way of learning, using pen and paper. Here are some notes I jotted down. Use var_dump($variable), this will outputs the variable to your screen. This is similar function to JavaScript’s console.log(variable). This is a html file, … Continue reading CodeIgniter notes #3

Second website project

Today, I received my second project specification from Davic. It consists of few jpg screenshot of the completed website and a psd (photoshop) file that contain all the assets of the website. This project is harder than the previous because the previous project is easier, I just have to edit the assests, the layout is … Continue reading Second website project