Meetup with Ken Jing and Marcus

Today, at 11.30a.m., Uncle Hew fetched me to Two Pesos Restaurant, SS2 to meetup with Ken Jing and Marcus. I am the first one to arrive, then Marcus, then Ken Jing. Marcus and I ordered the milk soup and Ken Jing original. I talked and chatted with Marcus before Ken Jing arrive. We ate and … Continue reading Meetup with Ken Jing and Marcus

Cue Routine Reward

Today, I installed Ubuntu at one of the unused computer. Jason says it is to let me play with the system. I had fun installing the Ubuntu and playing with it. At lunch, Yvonne and Jason takeaway Mcdonalds for me, I ordered for a spicy chicken mcdeluxe. Then, Yvonne asked me for help, she says … Continue reading Cue Routine Reward

Listening to Greenday while working out

Today we have our WIP (Work In Progress), it is just a meeting where we come together to discuss our work this week. We have a new colleague joining us, he is the head of copywriter, Joos. Everyone take turns to report what they are doing this week, with the boss, Peter talking the most. … Continue reading Listening to Greenday while working out