Listening to Greenday while working out

Today we have our WIP (Work In Progress), it is just a meeting where we come together to discuss our work this week. We have a new colleague joining us, he is the head of copywriter, Joos. Everyone take turns to report what they are doing this week, with the boss, Peter talking the most. … Continue reading Listening to Greenday while working out

ATM machine

Today, as usual I went to eat Roti Canai and Tosai with Teh Ais before work. Then, I went to buy newspaper and my gum. I had recently started a gum addiction during work, I cannot work without chewing gum. I work on the second website project. Sometimes I hit a wall and I don’t … Continue reading ATM machine

Low Ma Ji Steamboat

Today, at 5p.m., my dad, mum, uncle, aunt, brother, and I went to Puchong to eat steamboat. The steamboat’s restaurant’s website is at here. I heard that the steamboat is based on the winter melon. When I arrived, I see this. It says: “I am not watermelon, if you did not eat me once, it … Continue reading Low Ma Ji Steamboat

OIC Steamboat buffet

Today evening, my parents bring my brother and I to OIC steamboat to eat steamboat buffet. The shop is near my house at Aman Suria. Their style is similar to Momo Paradise steamboat buffet, the price is also similar, around RM33 per person. The shop is clean and cool, there are many variety of steamboat … Continue reading OIC Steamboat buffet

Momo paradise with mum

Today, my manager chatted with the boss, and she presented her some themes for our website. We chose Salem theme for our website. I also learnt how to use Android Studio to make a simple app. I may need to build an app for the company after building the website. After work, me and mum … Continue reading Momo paradise with mum

Ming Tien food court and BBQ + Steamboat

Yesterday, me and family went to Ming Tien food court to eat. I ordered a octopus pasta and oyster with egg. later, I ordered another fish and chips. Today, I went to my dad’s sister’s house to eat BBQ and Steamboat. I put abalone, beef, bacon, sausage, and prawn on the BBQ and it tastes … Continue reading Ming Tien food court and BBQ + Steamboat

Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant

I went to Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant to eat buffet steamboat. Compare with Flaming Steamboat, I think there is a world difference between both quality. A good restaurant does not only serve good food, but also the environment matters. Yuen has a open display of foods that you can pick. Flaming has a standing fridge where you … Continue reading Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant