10 before 10 app

Today, I started coding an app called 10 before 10. This is based on the principle that you have to connect with 10 people before 10am everyday. What my app does is to jot down the 10 names each day. I did travelsmarter brief at work. I have not have lunch with Jason for a … Continue reading 10 before 10 app

Meetup with Ken Jing and Marcus

Today, at 11.30a.m., Uncle Hew fetched me to Two Pesos Restaurant, SS2 to meetup with Ken Jing and Marcus. I am the first one to arrive, then Marcus, then Ken Jing. Marcus and I ordered the milk soup and Ken Jing original. I talked and chatted with Marcus before Ken Jing arrive. We ate and … Continue reading Meetup with Ken Jing and Marcus