UNITEN Chinese Society Chinese New Year Celebration

Today at work, I continue to update the website, adding pages. I am customizing the website to fit our company’s needs. After work, I went to UNITEN. Soo had invited me to UNITEN’s Chinese Society’s Chinese New Year Celebration. I went, there are chinese chess, diabolo, tea art, and more. I met Gan, Khirtiga, and … Continue reading UNITEN Chinese Society Chinese New Year Celebration

Momo paradise with mum

Today, my manager chatted with the boss, and she presented her some themes for our website. We chose Salem theme for our website. I also learnt how to use Android Studio to make a simple app. I may need to build an app for the company after building the website. After work, me and mum … Continue reading Momo paradise with mum

Movie again

Today at work, my marketing manager discuss with the sales director about the website. We decided to use WordPress and plugin to make the popup. We will buy a theme from themeforest. After work, me and mum went to Tropicana City Mall to watch movie. We ate at Subway. I bought popcorn set before going … Continue reading Movie again