Form 6 mini reunion

In the morning, my dad and I visit IG Interactive office at Bukit Jalil Technology Park. It was raining. When I buy new macbook, I will give the desktop and laptop to my dad, also help to install steam to dad’s computer. I asked via email to Howard on what model of Macbook should I buy. In … Continue reading Form 6 mini reunion

Bookfest at KLCC Convention center

My parents, brother and I went to KLCC Convention center for a bookfest. The bookfest consists of english and chinese books. We first register at the counter, there are long line forming already. After register, we went into the Chinese hall. I stroll around and saw many popular English book translated into chinese book. We shopped … Continue reading Bookfest at KLCC Convention center

Easy lvling in Maplestory compared to last time

Today is Sunday, I played Maplestory for the whole day. It is easy to level nowadays compared to last time, I lvled nearly 60 levels within 2 days. I became a bishop (4th job magician) at Lvl 100 compared to Lvl 120 last time. I realised that there are many people willing to make friends … Continue reading Easy lvling in Maplestory compared to last time

Played back Maplesea

Today, I followed Jason to the new office to setup the new router so that everyone can have wifi. At night, I worked overtime (OT) to move things to the new office. I will give my resignation letter next week. During dinner, I didn’t talk much, Shannon, Joos, Yvonne, Von, Jason, and I went to … Continue reading Played back Maplesea