Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Today morning, I helped Jeslyn to fix her bug. She wants to have two version of jQuery for different part of code in her website, so I use a noconflict solution. It is great to help a senior on a task. Then, I went out with Alvin and Jason to Mediaprima to do a demo … Continue reading Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Javascript (and CSS) for Web Apps seminar

I watched one of the seminar videos suggested by CS50x team. As David Malan and teacher assistants did a very good job in explaining the fundamentals of web programming, I already understand most part of the seminar such as javascript, css, bootstrap, setting permissions, and jQuery. Javascript is a programming language used on the web … Continue reading Javascript (and CSS) for Web Apps seminar

CS50x Week 10

Javascript – Allows interaction with user. E.g. onclick, add html via .html(“string”), change CSS, etc. JQuery – library based on Javascript. Use Google chrome’s console log to debug when programming, can check for variable value or play with Javascript. To recap, HTML gives structure, CSS gives style, PHP gives logic, Javascript + JQuery gives dynamic/ … Continue reading CS50x Week 10