Javascript form validation to PHP form validation

Today at lunch, I drank coffee at the coffee shop, I chat with Jason about him buying house and an app we partner with tourism govnment. I also showed him my website. I applied to UTM part time course. I installed the Skype app so that I can communicate with people, it seems that working people will on … Continue reading Javascript form validation to PHP form validation

Javascript (and CSS) for Web Apps seminar

I watched one of the seminar videos suggested by CS50x team. As David Malan and teacher assistants did a very good job in explaining the fundamentals of web programming, I already understand most part of the seminar such as javascript, css, bootstrap, setting permissions, and jQuery. Javascript is a programming language used on the web … Continue reading Javascript (and CSS) for Web Apps seminar

CS50x Week 12: Final Project!

Finally, I have reached the end of CS50x, this week we did our final project. There are many projects on display here. The projects are divided into several categories. You can use any skills your learnt in CS50x to aid in making your final project. Students are also encouraged to buy a domain for their final project. … Continue reading CS50x Week 12: Final Project!

CS50x Week 10

Javascript – Allows interaction with user. E.g. onclick, add html via .html(“string”), change CSS, etc. JQuery – library based on Javascript. Use Google chrome’s console log to debug when programming, can check for variable value or play with Javascript. To recap, HTML gives structure, CSS gives style, PHP gives logic, Javascript + JQuery gives dynamic/ … Continue reading CS50x Week 10

Creating game using Impactjs

I was exploring ImpactJS the past few days. ImpactJS is based on Javascript and HTML5. As summed up nicely by Davy Cielen and Arno Meysman in HTML5 Game development with ImpactJS, HTML5, which is the latest version of HTML introduces one function that it’s predecessor HTML (HTML is used to display webpages) does not have, … Continue reading Creating game using Impactjs