How to make your own mini game?

There are many types of games, RPG game, MMORPG game, multiplayer game, browser game, adventure game, mission game, mini game and etc. Today, I will focus on mini browser game, specifically HTML5 browser game. Why HTML5? Because HTML5 is used on all browsers and all devices. No matter what devices you use, be it iPhone, … Continue reading How to make your own mini game?

Publish impactJS games to websites

Previous post is about making exe for your impactJS game, this post I will talk about how to publish your impactJS game to your website. Inside your tools folder, press the bake.bat to shrink your files into a game.min.js, which will appear in your root folder. Delete the two script lines in index.html and add … Continue reading Publish impactJS games to websites

Make exe for impactJS games

I finally found a way to publish my impactJS game after googling for a while. Following methods are applicable for windows. As mentioned in the previous post, your impactJS file structure should appear as follows: media/ lib/ lib/game/ lib/game/entities/ lib/game/levels/ lib/impact/ lib/weltmeister/ index.html tools/ There is a bake.bat in your tools folder that should allow … Continue reading Make exe for impactJS games

Creating game using Impactjs

I was exploring ImpactJS the past few days. ImpactJS is based on Javascript and HTML5. As summed up nicely by Davy Cielen and Arno Meysman in HTML5 Game development with ImpactJS, HTML5, which is the latest version of HTML introduces one function that it’s predecessor HTML (HTML is used to display webpages) does not have, … Continue reading Creating game using Impactjs