CS50x Week 4

Topics in this week’s lectures and shorts: Merge sort. Pointers. When is pointer used? Array are pointers. String is an array of characters. Merge sort Merge sort is a sorting algorithm that uses recursion. Recursion function as explained in 6.00.1x Week 3, is a function that calls a smaller version of itself. The pseudocode and … Continue reading CS50x Week 4

CS50x Week 3: Game of Fifteen

This week I learned different sorting and searching algorithms. Sorting means arranging the elements in an array in ascending or descending order. Searching means finding an element in an array. Sorting algorithms Bubble sort Selection sort Insertion sort Quick sort Searching algorithms Binary search Bubble sort Imagine you have a list of numbers, from left … Continue reading CS50x Week 3: Game of Fifteen

CS50x Week 2: Crypto

There is a lot of reading this week. Among the books in the reading list, I would recommend Absolute Beginner’s Guide to C by Greg Perry for beginners, the book is easy to follow and not boring. Programming in C by Stephen G. Kochan is a bit lengthy and harder to follow for beginners, but … Continue reading CS50x Week 2: Crypto

CS50x Week 1: C

I have learnt about libraries, compilers, switch statements, and typecasting. When we are programming, we are giving instructions to the computer to carry out tasks. However, the programming language like C is considered a high level language. High level language is easy to read (resembles english), while low level language is cryptic. Computers only read … Continue reading CS50x Week 1: C

Starting edX CS50x Introduction to Computer Science

EdX is a massive online education website, offering courses by top universities in the world like Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley, etc…You can listen to the same lecture as the students there, do the same assignments, examinations, all for free. At the end of the course, you may get a online certificate. My motivation in … Continue reading Starting edX CS50x Introduction to Computer Science