Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. A review from 2016.

Around 2005, when I was still a teenager, I remember playing this game on my PlayStation 1 with my brother at my old house at Bandar Utama. We stayed in my parents room and we have the PS1 attached to the small square TV in the room. I was excited and amazed that I can … Continue reading Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. A review from 2016.

There are some simple things that blown my mind when I was young

Harvest moon, first game, can enter name, mind blown, Hi, Shaun…. Roller coaster tycoon, friends house, want the game, can design infinitely many variations of theme park, mind blown. Sims, GTA, can roam very big city in game.

CodeIgniter notes #3

I often scribble down important notes and stuff I learn in a notebook, I prefer to use a traditional way of learning, using pen and paper. Here are some notes I jotted down. Use var_dump($variable), this will outputs the variable to your screen. This is similar function to JavaScript’s console.log(variable). This is a html file, … Continue reading CodeIgniter notes #3