Murni Discovery at Aman Suria

Murni Discovery is a modern mamak, with a roof, fan, air condition, and TV. Many young people and families frequent this restaurant. It serves some western and local foods. The thing that strikes me at this restaurant is its menu filled with colorful delicious foods. As well as some special drinks such as “I Love … Continue reading Murni Discovery at Aman Suria

OIC Steamboat buffet

Today evening, my parents bring my brother and I to OIC steamboat to eat steamboat buffet. The shop is near my house at Aman Suria. Their style is similar to Momo Paradise steamboat buffet, the price is also similar, around RM33 per person. The shop is clean and cool, there are many variety of steamboat … Continue reading OIC Steamboat buffet

Ming Tien food court and BBQ + Steamboat

Yesterday, me and family went to Ming Tien food court to eat. I ordered a octopus pasta and oyster with egg. later, I ordered another fish and chips. Today, I went to my dad’s sister’s house to eat BBQ and Steamboat. I put abalone, beef, bacon, sausage, and prawn on the BBQ and it tastes … Continue reading Ming Tien food court and BBQ + Steamboat