dahmakan food delivery

I have been trying dahmakan food delivery service in Malaysia on and off for about 1 year now. I ordered online without using app. My verdict is, its a bit expensive (one meal around RM20), the foods are delicious, they were prepared by chefs. The portions are small. Also, you can’t order on demand, you … Continue reading dahmakan food delivery

First try GrabFood Malaysia

GrabFood replaces UberEats, is a competitior of FoodPanda, another Food delivery app (I know, I am very lazy to go out). The ordering is the same, and it shows where the driver is at in the app’s map, the arrow will move. The delivery fee is RM5, no minimum order, unlike Foodpanda, which is a … Continue reading First try GrabFood Malaysia

Nam Heong Chicken Rice, Desa Sri Hartamas

My most favourite chicken rice shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The chicken rice shop has two shops, one is located at the upscale “enclosed triangular” commercial shop-lot area called Desa Sri Hartamas. There are two types of chicken rice, roasted or steamed. I prefer steamed chicken breast. You can choose to have a set that … Continue reading Nam Heong Chicken Rice, Desa Sri Hartamas

FoodPanda Malaysia – Chequers, Old Town White Coffee at BU8

I ordered FoodPanda for breakfast (Chequers) for 2, my brother and I. Later in the evening, I ordered FoodPanda (Old Town White Coffee) again. The Big Breakfast is a bit expensive and the food came mushy. I prefer to eat in the shop instead. Total: RM26 The Big Breakfast * 2 + RM5.30 delivery = … Continue reading FoodPanda Malaysia – Chequers, Old Town White Coffee at BU8

First try FoodPanda delivery service Malaysia

This is how the FoodPanda ordering looks like on the app. I ordered a KGB burger from Killer Gourmet Burgers – funny name – KGB sounds like the Russian spy agency (it’s around my house, about 15 minutes drive). The delivery fee is RM5. The food has arrived! The fries are less crispy but it’s … Continue reading First try FoodPanda delivery service Malaysia

Murni Discovery at Aman Suria

Murni Discovery is a modern mamak, with a roof, fan, air conditioning, and TV screens. Many young people and families frequent this restaurant. It serves some western and local foods. The thing that strikes me at this restaurant is its menu filled with colorful delicious foods. As well as some special drinks such as “I … Continue reading Murni Discovery at Aman Suria

OIC Steamboat buffet

Today evening, my parents bring my brother and I to OIC steamboat to eat steamboat buffet. The shop is near my house at Aman Suria. Their style is similar to Momo Paradise steamboat buffet, the price is also similar, around RM33 per person. The shop is clean and cool, there are many variety of steamboat … Continue reading OIC Steamboat buffet

Ming Tien food court and BBQ + Steamboat

Yesterday, me and family went to Ming Tien food court to eat. I ordered a octopus pasta and oyster with egg. later, I ordered another fish and chips. Today, I went to my dad’s sister’s house to eat BBQ and Steamboat. I put abalone, beef, bacon, sausage, and prawn on the BBQ and it tastes … Continue reading Ming Tien food court and BBQ + Steamboat