Teeth extraction at the dentist

Today, I decided to take MC, so I am not going to work. My dad drove my aunt and I to the JKoh dentist. We first ate at a nearby restaurant for breakfast. I went in to JKoh dentist, the dentist proceeds to fill 3 fillings on my tooth, and I have one extraction. First, … Continue reading Teeth extraction at the dentist

Bought Xiaomi mi4i

Today, I woke up late because I exercised yesterday, I am too tired. Uncle Hew cannot fetched me as I was late, so my dad fetched me to work. At work, I talked to yvonne on real life. Then, I changed banner, made a dummy WordPress page on our server, I made the car go … Continue reading Bought Xiaomi mi4i

How to keep up with the trend

I intend to write down all the steps that can be taken to follow the trend, or pop culture, how to mix with teenagers or 20s people. I shall share a story of what inspired this post. During my orientation at my university, UNITEN, we played a game where each person in a circle have to … Continue reading How to keep up with the trend