CS50x Week 8: Mispellings (Problem Set)

This week’s problem set requires us to implement a spell-checker. The usage is speller [dictionary] text, where speller is our program, dictionary is optional, text is a file that contains the paragraphs that need to be spell-checked. If user does not specify a dictionary, a default dictionary will be used. The main body of the … Continue reading CS50x Week 8: Mispellings (Problem Set)

6.00.1x Week 3

This week, we learnt about recursion and different compound data types. Recursion Recursion means repeating similar version of something. In programming, a recursion function is a function that calls a smaller version of itself. It is useful for problems that can be represented as smaller version of themselves. The concept of recursion can be condensed … Continue reading 6.00.1x Week 3