CodeIgniter notes #3

I often scribble down important notes and stuff I learn in a notebook, I prefer to use a traditional way of learning, using pen and paper. Here are some notes I jotted down. Use var_dump($variable), this will outputs the variable to your screen. This is similar function to JavaScript’s console.log(variable). This is a html file, … Continue reading CodeIgniter notes #3

Javascript (and CSS) for Web Apps seminar

I watched one of the seminar videos suggested by CS50x team. As David Malan and teacher assistants did a very good job in explaining the fundamentals of web programming, I already understand most part of the seminar such as javascript, css, bootstrap, setting permissions, and jQuery. Javascript is a programming language used on the web … Continue reading Javascript (and CSS) for Web Apps seminar

CS50x Week 9: C$50 Finance(Problem Set)

We are done with C programming language, now we are stepping into web programming. This week, we will learn about HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. HTML is HyperText Markup Language, it is the standard markup language used to display websites. To see the html of a website, right click anywhere with blank space on a … Continue reading CS50x Week 9: C$50 Finance(Problem Set)