Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

Today, at 8.15a.m., my aunt drove my brother and I to Megacmc. Today, we have Sunday Celebration and holy communion. Today’s message is about faith again, it lists 6 reasons why we should have faith. You can listen to the sermon here. In the afternoon, my dad brought my mum, brother, and I to the … Continue reading Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

Village Board Game

Today at 8.30a.m., I went with my aunt and brother to MegaCMC. It’s been a long time I have been to MegaCMC, my own church. I went up to second floor of the church and seated at the side. It starts with singing, then we read the scriptures. Then, it’s the sermon. Pastor Ho gave … Continue reading Village Board Game

How to keep up with the trend

I intend to write down all the steps that can be taken to follow the trend, or pop culture, how to mix with teenagers or 20s people. I shall share a story of what inspired this post. During my orientation at my university, UNITEN, we played a game where each person in a circle have to … Continue reading How to keep up with the trend