Catching up with friends

Today I ate breakfast before going to office. The english breakfast is nice, with scrambled egg, sausage, butter on bread, red bean, and ham. I am the first to come to the office. I on my fan and aircond, nice air blowing on my back. I on my desktop and watched youtube, Time Ferriss’s Q … Continue reading Catching up with friends

When was I first online?

This question reminds me of the time I was first online, circa form 3 (2007). I decided to investigate when I was first online, and first blogging. To determine when I was first in contact with internet, I traced my hotmail account to its earliest mail. It was 17/February/2007. I still remember I created this … Continue reading When was I first online?

Don’t be a perfectionist when writing a blog

I followed a schedule when writing this blog, everyday I will blog one post about my daily reflection, and every 4 days, I will blog about technical stuff. Often times, I delay the writing and the number of to-do items piled up. One reason is perfectionist, everything has to be perfect in order to publish, … Continue reading Don’t be a perfectionist when writing a blog

How to keep up with the trend

I intend to write down all the steps that can be taken to follow the trend, or pop culture, how to mix with teenagers or 20s people. I shall share a story of what inspired this post. During my orientation at my university, UNITEN, we played a game where each person in a circle have to … Continue reading How to keep up with the trend