Qing Ming (清明) at Ayer Tawar

Satuday afternoon, at around 12pm, my parents, brother and I travel using car to Ayer Tawar. My parent’s car’s tire puncture, my dad tried to change the tire, but was unsuccessful, so we find a shop and fixed it, and paid only RM10. We ate Dunkin Donuts at the Tapah stop station. We reached Ayer … Continue reading Qing Ming (清明) at Ayer Tawar

Chinese New Year Visit # 1

Today at 6am, my family and aunt and uncle start driving back to our hometown at Ayer Tawar, Perak. The journey took 4 hours, and we arrived at 10am. We went to two relative’s house and were treated with food and Ang Pao (Red packet with money). Then, we went to see our old house … Continue reading Chinese New Year Visit # 1