CS50x Week 12: Final Project!

Finally, I have reached the end of CS50x, this week we did our final project. There are many projects on display here. The projects are divided into several categories. You can use any skills your learnt in CS50x to aid in making your final project. Students are also encouraged to buy a domain for their final project. … Continue reading CS50x Week 12: Final Project!

CS50x Week 4: Breakout (Problem set)

GUI (Graphical User interface) is interface that interacts with user through graphics as opposed to text user interface that interacts through text. For example, a game of tetris uses the GUI, while old game such as Discworld MUD uses text user interface. This week, we used an API (Application programming interface) provided by SPL (Stanford … Continue reading CS50x Week 4: Breakout (Problem set)