Projects and resume


  • Math
    Various projects related to math.
    Github link
    Technologies: Math, Codes, Brains
  • MathComp
    A simple app to solve non-linear equations using bisection method, false position method, secant method, and Newton method.
    Github link
    Technologies: Wolfram Alpha API, Math.js JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • TravelSmarter
    A website that takes you on a cheaper route (toll fare) to your destination.
    Technologies: WordPress, jQuery
  • AutoECU
    A website I made for client.
    Technologies: CodeIgniter
  • Tower of Babel
    A simple game played in website browser.
    Technologies: ImpactJS
  • Underwater
    My first game made in Scratch – Made in CS50 online class
    Technologies: Scratch

Competitive programming