Kinokuniya Bookstore, KLCC, Malaysia

Kinokuniya bookstore in Suria KLCC is the biggest bookstore in Malaysia. As a self proclaimed bookworm, I thought I would go there and have a look, first time in my 25 years of existence. Suria KLCC is easily accessible by LRT. I am very satisfied as the shop is quite nice looking and has all … Continue reading Kinokuniya Bookstore, KLCC, Malaysia

UTMSPACE Fakulti Komputeran course outline and course prerequisites

Sometimes it becomes tricky when you register for subjects because you don’t know the requirement of the subject, and no one tells you. Finally, after months of googling, I finally found the course outline and prerequisites of each subject. One kind lecturer had posted the outline on the web (click FC Courses Sypnosis).

Update our beliefs about Malaysians

It is good to update our beliefs about other races in Malaysia. What I had were views of other races according to my parents or people who are of older generations. Those are views that are more than 30 years old, people had changed for the better, it would be beneficial to update this belief … Continue reading Update our beliefs about Malaysians

There are some simple things that blown my mind when I was young

Harvest moon, first game, can enter name, mind blown, Hi, Shaun…. Roller coaster tycoon, friends house, want the game, can design infinitely many variations of theme park, mind blown. Sims, GTA, can roam very big city in game.

Comment – 2001: A Space Odyssey (film)

Some say the film is hard to understand. I can understand what they mean because the scene cuts to another without explaining much, unlike in modern film where you can easily follow the plot. This is not evidence of deeper truths. If you read the book before watching the movie, you would understand the film … Continue reading Comment – 2001: A Space Odyssey (film)