Places I have been

CNY 2016 Singapore Trip 3 days 2 nights (6/2/2016 – 8/2/2016) – Wildlife Reserve Singapore – Singapore Tourist Pass – Singapore Transit – Internet Use hand luggage only, without check in bag at airport Participants Mum, Dad, Uncle, Second Aunt, Brother, and I Singapore CNY Trip 2016 Hong Kong 4 days 3 nights (28/8/2015 – … Continue reading Places I have been

Things I am grateful for

Hear jokes and sketches from top comedian in the world: Conan O Brien Watch live stream from White House (I like to catch up with world events), BBC, CNN, etc Watch top movies in the world at the time it was released: Captain America, Marvel, DC movies, Ironman (quarter billion dollar movie at the price … Continue reading Things I am grateful for

Singapore CNY Trip 2016

It’s time to blog about my trip few weeks ago to Singapore. It was my first time in this country despite its near location to my own country, Malaysia. Initially, we wanted to go to Japan, but Singapore is a good alternative as I never went before, so it is an eye opener. Culture wise, … Continue reading Singapore CNY Trip 2016

Starting a new semester at UTMSPACE

This semester, I will be taking 3 subjects, each worth 3 credits. The subjects are SCSR1213 Komunikasi Rangkaian (Network Communications), SCSJ1023 Teknik Pengaturcaraan II (which we call TP2) (Programming Technique II), and SCSI1013 Struktur Diskrit (Discrete Structures). I am excited to start this new semester because I can finally move on to the next level … Continue reading Starting a new semester at UTMSPACE

Universal Studios Singapore

The Bull Ring Universal Studios Singapore Rotating Globe Universal Studios Singapore entrance Universal Studios Singapore Hollywood Boulevard Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle Battlestar Galactica Revenge of the Mummmy Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Discovery Food Court Puss In Boots Giant Journey Fairy Godmother’s Madagascar: A Crate Adventure Universal Studios Store Sesame Street Show Family … Continue reading Universal Studios Singapore

My 2015 WordPress blogging statistics: Year in review

2015 is going to end and WordPress sent me a beautiful presentation on my blog’s statistics. The statistics is tracked by JetPack. Overall, I am satisfied with my posting rate, I posted 215 posts this year, mainly because I started to blog daily. However, I realised that sometimes blogging daily, I have not much things … Continue reading My 2015 WordPress blogging statistics: Year in review

High blood pressure part 2

My blood test report is out. The doctor says that my blood pressure is high for an young adult. He says that I have high cholesterol, it is good for me to eat less meat, beef, mutton. My liver enzymes are high, this may be caused by alcohol, or some liver problems. My white blood … Continue reading High blood pressure part 2

High blood pressure

I was feeling unhealthy lately, and feel like vomiting constantly. I went to see doctor at Aman Suria. I told the doctor that I have high blood pressure from the measurement during checkup last year. Then, the doctor measured my blood pressure. He told me my first reading is above average but that is still … Continue reading High blood pressure