dahmakan food delivery

I have been trying dahmakan food delivery service in Malaysia on and off for about 1 year now. I ordered online without using app. My verdict is, its a bit expensive (one meal around RM20), the foods are delicious, they were prepared by chefs. The portions are small. Also, you can’t order on demand, you … Continue reading dahmakan food delivery

First try GrabFood Malaysia

GrabFood replaces UberEats, is a competitior of FoodPanda, another Food delivery app (I know, I am very lazy to go out). The ordering is the same, and it shows where the driver is at in the app’s map, the arrow will move. The delivery fee is RM5, no minimum order, unlike Foodpanda, which is a … Continue reading First try GrabFood Malaysia

Nam Heong Chicken Rice, Desa Sri Hartamas

My most favourite chicken rice shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The chicken rice shop has two shops, one is located at the upscale “enclosed triangular” commercial shop-lot area called Desa Sri Hartamas. There are two types of chicken rice, roasted or steamed. I prefer steamed chicken breast. You can choose to have a set that … Continue reading Nam Heong Chicken Rice, Desa Sri Hartamas

Kinokuniya Bookstore, KLCC, Malaysia

Kinokuniya bookstore in Suria KLCC is the biggest bookstore in Malaysia. As a self proclaimed bookworm, I thought I would go there and have a look, first time in my 25 years of existence. Suria KLCC is easily accessible by LRT. I am very satisfied as the shop is quite nice looking and has all … Continue reading Kinokuniya Bookstore, KLCC, Malaysia

Futurology as escapism

One of my escapism is to view progress in future technologies. Technologies such as quantum computer, full-immersion virtual reality, artificial general intelligence. I am tired of minutiae of life, where to eat, what procedures to follow to achieve goals, what relationships to build, what is the latest trend, how to entertain people, etc. I have … Continue reading Futurology as escapism

A good answer to “I didn’t ask to be born”

This question had haunted me for quite some time, sometimes, it surfaces when I am feeling hopeless. The argument had some truth to it, we did not choose to come into this world, we just are. But some just don’t want to admit it, they will give some motivational, psychobabble, but it is not a … Continue reading A good answer to “I didn’t ask to be born”