Futurology as escapism

One of my escapism is to view progress in future technologies.

Technologies such as quantum computer, full-immersion virtual reality, artificial general intelligence.

I am tired of minutiae of life, where to eat, what procedures to follow to achieve goals, what relationships to build, what is the latest trend, how to entertain people, etc.

I have an irrational need to believe that with the arrival of these technologies, which I believe other experts think is coming too, with the exponential growth of technologies, I would not have to worry about these anymore.

I used to think that back in 2014, reading books such as Michio Kaku, etc. But I still have to live life.

Other people are advancing in life by facing reality in the present, and I am living my fantasy in the future, which I think is grander and more worthy of my pursuit. Who cares what watch to buy now, when you can have a post scarcity society. I am putting my life on hold, disappearing for months on end, waiting for future to come, hoping its better than present.

But some things you have to do at present such as buy a new computer, that can dramatically transform your current life, or change your appearance, go for a massage, have a girlfriend, etc.

I am still holding on to the future, if the future I wish does not come in 10 years, I will be doomed, I will be stuck at the level of 20 yrs old, and already 35 yrs old, while other wheezes pass me.

But Shaun, can’t you live your life, and future will come too. Isn’t it irrational somehow in your generation among so many generations to be the one who will not have to work anymore?

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