I just became a Goodreads librarian

I was just approved as a Goodreads Librarian. There are around 70k Goodreads Librarian out of 55 million Goodreads members as of February 2017. Goodreads Librarian is not someone hired by Goodreads but is just a volunteer that can help them edit book details error and miscellaneous cataloging. There are some power to Goodreads Librarian, but not much.

Goodreads took a long time to confirm me as a librarian, below is the email from them telling me my librarian status.

Goodreads librarian status approval email
Goodreads librarian status approval email

I now have this Goodreads Librarian title at my profile page. This is as far as I can get to be a librarian.

Goodreads Librarian label at Goodreads profile
Goodreads Librarian label at Goodreads profile

I initially want to join as a Goodreads Librarian because I find some mistakes in the details of some books and I want to edit, for example, the book is in a series but is not indicated, etc.

How to be a Goodreads Librarian?

You need to have 50 books in your book shelve, then apply at here. It took a long time for them to approve.

What can Goodreads Librarian do?

  • Edit book details.
  • Combine the same book.
  • Add book picture.
  • Add book series.
  • Add book award.

What rules Goodreads Librarian follows?

Consult the Goodreads librarian manual, a very lengthy manual, consult it if you have problems.

How to contact a Goodreads Librarian?

You can ask librarian to add books, edit page numbers, edit or add book series, language and translation issues, awards, etc at the Goodreads Librarians group.

How to see top librarian in this country/ time period?

Go here.

Im a new librarian, what should I do now?

I don’t have much good suggestion, maybe try to do what you want when signing up for Goodreads Librarian, such as edit the book details that is still in error. Or, go to the Goodreads Librarians group and look for Looking for a Project? section.

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