My room at Bayu Puteri Apartment

Welcome to my world where I spent most of my time. I am living in my parents house, and I have this one small room for myself. I have been living here for around 8 years. My room is small but it provides me with a comfortable resting and working place.

This bed came from Ikea and occupies about 1/4 of my room. Beside the bed is the curtain, if you open it, you will stare down 14 floors. This is an old picture, taken 4 years ago in 2012.

My desk and chair circa 22/7/2012
My desk and chair circa 22/7/2012.

This is a more recent picture in 2016. Still the same red curtain!

My bed and red curtain circa 18/2/2015
My bed and red curtain circa 18/2/2015.

I recently bought a sunlight proof curtain because every night I sleep, the walkway light shone into my room and disturbs my sleep.

My bed and sunlight proof curtain circa 16/2/2017
My bed and sunlight proof curtain circa 16/2/2017.

My desk is quite big, and it occupies 1/2 of my room. I tries to keep my desk as neat as possible. The monitor is very big. On top of the desk, is my books and waste papers. I try to keep a “blanket” on them to avoid dust.

My desk and computer circa 5/4/2016
My desk and computer circa 5/4/2016.

My wardrobe contains my shirts, pants, etc.

My wardrobe circa 18/2/2017
My wardrobe circa 18/2/2017.

As the Chinese saying goes, “麻雀虽小,五脏俱全” (translation: The sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there), my room is small, but it has all the important stuffs I need. This is where I studied for my SPM, STPM, did my coding, programming, read my books, etc.

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