Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. A review from 2016.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature start screen.
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature start screen. Source: CoolROM.com

Around 2005, when I was still a teenager, I remember playing this game on my PlayStation 1 with my brother at my old house at Bandar Utama. We stayed in my parents room and we have the PS1 attached to the small square TV in the room.

I was excited and amazed that I can enter any name of my choice for my character and the game will type out my name during conversations with the characters, which blown my mind as a kid as this level of customization is very new to me.

The game is about a boy inheriting a farm from his grandfather, and his life there. You can plant vegetation, chop woods, stomp stone, buy a barn, rear sheep, chickens, cows, squeeze the cows for milk, sear the sheep for wool, and collect eggs. You can also marry in the game, there are few girls that you can court, and the level of intimacy with them is indicated by the heart color at the end of the conversation box with them.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature gameplay.
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature gameplay. Source: Rambling Fox Reviews

There are blacksmith, hospital, church, fishing dock, gathering place, potpourri, sauna, lumberjack, and horse farm which you can visit and interact with the people inside. There are occasional events held at the common square.

This is one of the most memorable game of my growing up period. I bet my friends still have memories of this game too.


There’s a similar game called Stardew Valley (2016), heavily inspired by Harvest Moon.

Here’s some funny memes about Harvest Moon:

Harvest Moon hoe meme
Harvest Moon hoe meme

Harvest Moon meme

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