Update our beliefs about Malaysians

It is good to update our beliefs about other races in Malaysia. What I had were views of other races according to my parents or people who are of older generations. Those are views that are more than 30 years old, people had changed for the better, it would be beneficial to update this belief according to reality.

This will reduce misconceptions and prejudice, labels that are not true.

People often had hatred of other race because they do not come into contact with other races, hence no chance to update their mental map of other races. You will be surprised how alike sometimes we are, our common grounds, we want to live better life, have better education, eat better food, travel, listen to better music, watch better movie, etc.

Avoid attacking straw man, beliefs that are not held anymore by your opponent. Or you tried to attack arguments that you think your opponent will use to criticize you.

“…multiculturalism in Singapore and Malaysia, since these two countries have been touted as the most successful of postcolonial states in managing ethnic differences and conflicts.” – Race and Multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore

One way to view the world through the point of view of other race is through empathy. Every race has parents who want a good future for their kids and they have their own challenges.

Source: <a href="https://9gag.com/gag/a25rzYE">9Gag</a>.
Source: 9Gag.

Understand others culture, history, walk in their shoes for a while.

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