Comment – 2001: A Space Odyssey (film)

Some say the film is hard to understand. I can understand what they mean because the scene cuts to another without explaining much, unlike in modern film where you can easily follow the plot. This is not evidence of deeper truths.

If you read the book before watching the movie, you would understand the film better because the book is well written and simple to understand. I would recommend reading the book for plot and deeper understanding, and watching the film for its visual. People who say others who don’t understand the film because the film is too deep for them to grasp is kind of confusing two things.

The film may be very detail but it cuts to another scene without explaining much about the plot, the viewer may need to piece together the information, this can easily be done by reading the book. Example, the scene where the Russian asks Floyd about his suspicioun of rumours on the moon, I bet normal viewer cannot catch what is the plot about, what year it is, is Floyd currently going to the moon, is the Russian joining? etc. In the book, its simple and straight forward English. Don’t confuse obscurness with deeper truth.

It’s like making a film about the bible, but there is no mention of Jesus, just people having dinner at a table, someone goes to the authority and the authority gave the money to the man (Judah betraying Jesus), and people catching the leader, and leader on the way to a hill, and tortured (Jesus crucified). If you had read the book, you will go, ahh I know this scene from the book, the directors interpretation of this scene is different but special from what I had in mind. And these people who had seen the book, chide those that had not and not able to understand the film as not understanding the deeper truths about the film.

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