Growth mindset

Bill Gates believes in the growth mindset, growth mindset is opposite of fixed mindset. Growth mindset means you can learn what you want and fixed mindset means you are only good at what you are “talented” in, preferably what you are born with.

I want to add something to the concept of growth mindset. In The Talent Code book, the author argues that myelin growth in the brain is the cause of “talent”. No one is born with talent, it is not something you have or don’t have. It is a result of first, having failure, firing suboptimally your brain circuit, then continually firing it through deep learning, and your circuit soon becomes a “broadband”, and this is what people see as talent.

This complements with the idea of growth mindset, because it dispels the myth that you can never do something because you are not born with it (fixed mindset). Often times, when we see someone first try something, and fail, repeatedly, we said that person is doomed for failure. That is not true, that person has become a better version of his/ her previous self by trying, who knows, one day he/ she will surpass the rest of us.

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