Ever progressing world

I am not smarter than Einstein to discover the general relativity, but I can read his books. How dull the world will be, if after Einstein, everyone will only achieve something less than Einstein? Or after Newton? When we read a book by a top person in the field, we always feel in awe and admiration. But what is important is, one day a person or a group of person that read the book, will build knowledge on top of it, that will surpass the achievements of the previous top person. This is progress.

Is the achievement of subsequent top person less marvelous because it is not all his original idea eventhough his achivement had more impact than the previous top person? I say no, it is greater accomplishment. Is the inventor of GPS less marvelous than Einstein because he did not discover relativity himself? No. We care about what is the impact, both Einstein and inventor of GPS are valued in society. Cultural evolution allows us to select the fine ideas of previous generation and build more fine ideas on top of it.

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