Living a Day-tight-comparment

I am rereading the book How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie. This book talks about worry and anxiety and how to overcome them. The first chapter said that to stop worrying, live life day by day. Live your day until the end of the day when you go to sleep. The past is gone and future is just a vision. You can think about future things, but do not worry about it.

This reminds me of an article I read. It said that humans are not evolved to deal with modern life. In the ancient past, when humans lived in the savanna, things are immediate, we can respond to threat immediately and the threat will gone. However, in modern times, things that stress us may be around us for a very long time, and things we do now have consequences in the future, our response to events does not yield result immediately, our modern life has delayed gratification and worry.

Somehow I think living day to day solves this problem, it limits our worry only to today, and stop the endless worrying about future events.

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