Starting a new semester at UTMSPACE

This semester, I will be taking 3 subjects, each worth 3 credits. The subjects are SCSR1213 Komunikasi Rangkaian (Network Communications), SCSJ1023 Teknik Pengaturcaraan II (which we call TP2) (Programming Technique II), and SCSI1013 Struktur Diskrit (Discrete Structures).

I am excited to start this new semester because I can finally move on to the next level of my degree life (second semester). I did well in the last semester (4.00 out of 4.00 for each of the three subjects I took). I hope I can continue my performance this semester. Mainly, I want to learn more, the CGPA has a way to motivate me, while studying alone doesn’t have the same motivation.

Programming Technique II will be continuation of Programming Technique I, I will learn about pointers, which is one of the hardest concepts in C++. However, I have already self studied it previously by taking CS50x online course, so I would expect less problem there. I am new to Network Communications and Discrete Structures.

I have already finished 9 credits out of 128. This semester will add 9 credits, then it becomes 18 credits out of 128. Long way to go!

Also, some of the friends from last semester took the same subject as I do, glad to see them again, maybe we can form a group during assignment.

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