How I deal with losing a phone

I went for a 3 days trip to Singapore with family. I took a lot of photos using my Xiaomi Mi 3 phone and it cannot be booted/ switched on after the first day. Later, I found out that my phone is dead and it will be too costly to repair, and the data cannot be recovered. As a person who depend on smartphone for many things, this is what I did to recover whatever I can from my dead smartphone.

Remember what apps I had on the lost phone

If you are using android, you can go to Google Play store website, Sign in to your Google account and click on my apps, you can view what apps you had installed there. Pick the ones you want in your new phone.

How to restore data?

There is no way to restore data, unless you have already backed it up. Just accept its gone, unless there’s another way.

There are few important data in the phone. Photos and videos taken using camera. Whatsapp chats, photos and videos. Instagram photos and videos. And etc, depending on what data your apps are storing.

For me, WhatsApp images and videos are not important because most of them are spam and the important photos and videos are low. However, if you enable back up via Google Drive before your phone went dead, your chats, photos, and videos are at Google Drive. When you install WhatsApp at the new phone using the same phone number, it will search Google Drive to see if you have a backup, if yes, it will ask if you want to restore the backup.

Instagram photos and videos are not important also because this is a subset of the photos and videos from the camera.

The most important is the photos and videos from camera, which is located in DCIM. Luckily few days before my phone went dead, I had already exported most of the photos and videos out and the phone only left photos and videos of the trip itself, so the damage is reduced. Tip to myself and people: Use backup such as Google Photos, Dropbox, or MicroUSB.

Looking back, most of my data is stored on cloud such as Trello, Google Calendar, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, so I don’t have to backup anything for these. WhatsApp messages however, is stored locally on phone, but has option to store in Google Drive.

Remove and insert sim card into new phone.

Sim card contains only phone number and broadband capability.

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