How do I keep track of documentaries or movies I have watched?

As many book lovers may have known, is a good website to keep track of books that you like to read, post reviews of books, intereact with other book lovers. However, does that same service applies to movies or documentaries? Is there a place for movie lovers and documentary lovers to keep track of their favorite movies or documentaries?

Yes. The website is It lets you rate your movies, the next time you want to check what you have views, after you rated it, it will be in your rate list. You can also write and read reviews, sort the movies or documentaries you have viewed by genre, year, popularity, ratings, year, etc.

I currently has 115 titles in my imdb. I will keep adding more titles as I recall what I have watched before as I have watched a lot of documentaries in the past. You can see my list here.

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