My 2015 WordPress blogging statistics: Year in review

2015 is going to end and WordPress sent me a beautiful presentation on my blog’s statistics. The statistics is tracked by JetPack.

Overall, I am satisfied with my posting rate, I posted 215 posts this year, mainly because I started to blog daily. However, I realised that sometimes blogging daily, I have not much things to say and it’s really troublesome to write a post everyday, so I decided in the later half of 2015 to post only good ideas and not my everyday life schedule.

The most popular posts are related to my self learning via online learning (MOOCs). I can see why people are interested in these posts, because hunger for knowledge is growing and more people have access to knowledge on the internet and they want to read about other bloggers learning and see their perspective.

Most of my blog visitors come from USA, second Malaysia, third, India, and other 136 countries. It is not surprising because my MOOCs posts attracted people from USA, most MOOCs takers are from USA also.

In future, I have a separate blog from Computer Science stuff and learnings, it is at

You can view my statistics here

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