Writers/ bloggers/ Youtuber can keep track of the impact of their writing using Google Adsense and Youtube Creator Studio

As a budding blogger, I had activated my Google Adsense Ads on my website. That means I am displaying Google’s Ads while earning some side income. Also, WordPress, which is the platform I am hosting this website has basic analytics built in, so I can keep track how many people visited my site and how much earnings I have. I encourage writers/ bloggers of technology/ non-technology blogs/ websites to download Google Adsense app into their phone so they can always know which articles that they wrote are more popular.

Besides that, for Youtuber/ Singer/ Performer, they can download Youtube Creator Studio app into their phone. This comes with analytics like how many views, and earnings.

One real story from me, since I begin tracking my website views, I realised most of the visitors are coming to read my MOOCs posts, specifically one about CS50x. So, I can maximize my impact by posting more about MOOCs, potentially opening a niche site.

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