How to make money online (the no “bullshit” ways)

We always hear many scams online, all we want is just earn money the legit way, no MLM, scam, bullshit, so here I am presenting two tested ways to earn legit money online.

There are two ways you can earn money online that I know of:

First, Google Ads, you place ads from Google on your website. If many people view the ads or click them, you will get money, the minimum threshold is USD10 before you can cash out. From my own experience, 2 years operating this website, I get average 60 daily views, I only get USD 10. USD 10 is too low for 2 years but it is real money, not scam.

Google Adsense earning

How do you make visitors come to your website so they can see those ads? You can generate quality contents that rank your website/blog higher in google search. Or, you can create a Facebook page for your website like I did here for my computer science blog. Alternatively, you can write answers in Quora and occasionally make reference to your website, for example, this guy. You can see he links back to his website via the answer and also made a footnote link to his website.

Second, make a digital product. By digital product, I mean ebooks, services, etc. If you write an ebook, you can sell it around USD 20-40. After you finished the ebook, you just put a paypal link at your book website and the money will comes in, this is a way of passive income.

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