High blood pressure

I was feeling unhealthy lately, and feel like vomiting constantly. I went to see doctor at Aman Suria. I told the doctor that I have high blood pressure from the measurement during checkup last year. Then, the doctor measured my blood pressure. He told me my first reading is above average but that is still OK, which is 140. The second reading is 100, above average, and it is not OK. The first number can be higher than average but the heart can takes it, but the second number is dangerous. So, he tried to take my blood to do a blood test. He tried to poke the needle in me two times but fail to get the blood from veins (because my hand is too fat, he cannot see the veins). So, he asks me to fast and come back two days later to take blood.

Two days later, this time he is able to take my blood. He also collected my urine, and I did a chest X Ray, it was fast, I get the film immediately after the visit. He told me that my heart size is normal, usually high blood pressure people has bigger heart because the heart needs to pump more. He says maybe I am still young. He wants me to buy a machine that measures blood pressure and monitor for a month, after that, he will advise whether to take medicine. I will get my blood test result tomorrow.

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