UTM KL: Online compiler

Today, I had Programming Technique 1 class in the morning. My dad brought my to uncle’s shop to eat Loh Mee. The Mee is nice, and I also eaten some dim sum.

At 8.30a.m., I reached UTM KL Jalan Semarak. My class will be at AB100 computer lab, my dad asked the guard and the guard pointed us to the block. We drove around the campus, but cannot find Block A. Until we stopped at the map, we realised we are at AB already. AB100 is at the center of the campus.

I was searching for the computer lab and I met with one malay girl, apparently, she is UTMSpace student too, was searching for computer lab. So, we walked around AB block, but cannot find AB100. We saw our lecturer, Dr. Sazali, he seemed confused about the place also, lastly, we found AB100 at the center. When I enter the computer lab, it is cold, which feels nice.

Today, we learnt about introduction to C++. What lecturer taught, today I already knew from Harvard CS50x class. Lecturer used borland software to compile c++ programme, but somehow the programme does not know how to include iostream. So, I suggest lecturer to use online compiler at cpp.sh. We had one assignment and one lab exercise.

I made one friend, the malay girl today. She said she also received Unimas offer but does not go, she said UTM space is good enough because it is a research university. She is 2 years older than me.

At night, my family ate at Din Tai Fung at One Utama. The dim sum is nice especially the Xiao Long Bao. I had the opportunity to taste the chocolate Xiao Long Bao.

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