10 ideas a day #7: 10 Inventions that will change the world

  1. Self driving car – there is no need for drivers anymore, traffic jam will be the past
  2. 3D printing – everyone can manufacture something in their home, the manufacturing industry will take a hit
  3. Quantum computers – We can calculate problems using weird quantum effects
  4. Self diagnosis robot – Medicine will show a big change if a cheap algorithm can tell you what disease you have
  5. Asteroid mining – the universe is near infinite, there are lots of material and rare metals out there for us to grab, one asteroid may worth trillions, imagine the world GDP boost. We can grab lands of asteroid, this will lower the prices of lands.
  6. Replaceable organs – We can live longer if our aging body can be replaced by a younger version
  7. Artificial intelligence – According to the Salesforce website, Narrow artificial intelligence will dominate the market, everything will be more intelligence, with deep learning.
  8. Universal basic income – Everyone gets a basic income regardless of what, this is due to technological unemployment due to advancement in automation, where people are unable to get jobs.
  9. Reengineering the brain – Emulating the brain by studying brain scans or invent algorithm that mimics the brain. Once the first brain comes online, it can be copied billions times and we suddenly have a human race worth of brains working for us.
  10. Fusion energy – Near limitless energy supply, this will make energy very cheap for everyone to use.

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