10 ideas a day #3: 10 ways to enter university in Malaysia

  1. Take STPM. It is similar to Alevels but is government based, it is cheap. If you want to enter public university, join this.
  2. Take Alevels. It is more expensive than STPM. You can aim for foreign universities using this.
  3. Take ADP (American Degree Program). This lets you do twinning, 2 years at Malaysia, and 2 years at American Universities.
  4. Apply UPU. UPU is the central body that manage your application to public universities except UM and USM.
  5. Apply to UM. Since 2015, UM has autonomy to choose its own student, this means it is no longer part of UPU and is an independent in choosing students. UM is no. 1 university in Malaysia according to QS ranking.
  6. Apply to USM. Similar to UM. USM is an apex university.
  7. Private universities in Malaysia. This tends to be more costly, but you can choose your own course compared to public university where you may get a random course. You can take PTPTN. You can get exemption from PTPTN loan repayment if you get first class degree.
  8. Do degree part time. This usually is for working professionals who did not manage to get into universities when they were younger. The classes are on weekends to sync with schedule of working professionals. UTM Space and Utar part time are notable part time degree provider, as well as OUM, WOU.
  9. Take JPA scholarship, with JPA scholarship, you may get free education at local universities (PIDN) or oversea universities (PILN).
  10. Direcly apply for oversea universities.

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