I wore my Raya costume to work, most of the colleague is wearing Malay costume too. Especially Yvonne, she came in with Malay female dress, Rina came in and smile at me. It seems that Joos and I are the two male that wore Malay costume. It made Jason and Alvin go Tesco to buy. Jason asked how much is my Malay costume, and I said RM20+ and he said it was so cheap. I motivated them to buy Raya clothes LOL.

While at work, I apply job via Gaijinpot, I realised that most of the job requires business level Japanese but some does not require any Japanese. I also research on the Tokyo University PEAK Programme, which is degree course conducted in English. There are only 2 PEAK Programme.

After that, we have Raya celebration, who has the best dress and we have foods. Rina brought the rice cube and beef and also Currypup.

After work, I went to gym, this is my first time trying the classes at the gym. I sweat hard 15 minutes into the class and I cannot bear it anymore and went out. I am going to continue taking gym classes, this is better than bicycle or treadmill.

After I went out, I went to Blitzone cybercafe which is just beside the gym. It costs RM2.50 per hour. Ashley, Yin Mun, and Allison (Ashley sister) says I should go University Malaya (UM). I also started learning Japanese.

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