Form 6 mini reunion

In the morning, my dad and I visit IG Interactive office at Bukit Jalil Technology Park. It was raining.

When I buy new macbook, I will give the desktop and laptop to my dad, also help to install steam to dad’s computer. I asked via email to Howard on what model of Macbook should I buy.

In the afternoon, I played Maplesea.

I had dinner with form 6 classmates at Foodtalk SS2. Ken Chia, Yee Peng, Ken Jing, Kok Ken, Mei Wan, Mei Ting, Cheng Yee, and I are present. We talked about Kim, career, intern, study, and stuff. I can talked more now but I still can’t talk while all the people are looking at me, or I still can’t captivate other’s attention. We also talked about Ken Chia wanting to join the police (PDRM) after he got his degree, Kok Ken is interning at Digi, and Ken Jing is interning at Slumberger. I’m the host of this meeting, I just asked in the WhatsApp group. Yeepeng and Kenjing are couple now. Ken Chia says that we are all in different fields. Ken Chia also bought a house costing RM500k+. I promised to teach Kok Ken WordPress programming.

I use autohotkey to bot on Maplesea.

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