Javascript form validation to PHP form validation

Today at lunch, I drank coffee at the coffee shop, I chat with Jason about him buying house and an app we partner with tourism govnment. I also showed him my website.

I applied to UTM part time course. I installed the Skype app so that I can communicate with people, it seems that working people will on their Skype during working hours, so I better use this to connect.

I have thoughts of opening my own web company. Shirlyn connected with me on Skype. She said she is studying Dentistry at King’s College, she got 4A* for her Alevels.

Later, matilda tech guy emailed Alvin, asking him to change the phone and email validation, apparently our JavaScript validation is too strict. Also, he recommended me a way to validate email by checking whether the email is real or not (a genius method!), the guide can be found here.

Jason and I spend 3 hours OT to change the JavaScript validation to PHP validation. It was a headache.

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