Teeth extraction at the dentist

Today, I decided to take MC, so I am not going to work. My dad drove my aunt and I to the JKoh dentist. We first ate at a nearby restaurant for breakfast. I went in to JKoh dentist, the dentist proceeds to fill 3 fillings on my tooth, and I have one extraction. First, the dentist puts painkiller by injecting into the inside of my mouth. I feel numb and cannot feel pain when the dentist pull my teeth, I feel pressure though. The teeth is finally being extracted, I can see the teeth. The side of the teeth is broken and the the hole is deep into the nerve, I took the teeth home. The bill comes at RM500+.

Since the extraction and filling is done before 11a.m., I decide to return to work without taking MC. My general manager seems happy about that, he said I am the man in the email. At work, I did the Facebook app. I integrate Jeslyn’s slicing into the backend code. I also coded the Facebook app admin page.

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