Teeth pain

Today, I woke up late, so dad had to fetch me to work instead of Uncle Hew. I had bread as breakfast. I felt my teeth pain, the teeth that has its filling fall off and left a big hole. I asked for half day MC and dad fetch me to JKoh dentistry.

Alvin asked me to try finish the inner pages by Friday.

I have been to this dentist at 2006, a long time ago. The dentist is a son of pastor from my village (Kampung). My aunty knows him. The dentist had a look at my teeth and said there are some black part that needs to be filled. Then, he had an X-ray on my teeth with hole to check how deep is the infection. The bacteria had eaten part of the teeth. The dentist said that my teeth can’t be saved and have to wait for extraction at another day. He gave me a filling, a patch of medicine on the hole. Also, I had to eat antibiotics.

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