Jurassic World

Today, we went to One Utama at night. We first went to BBQ Plaza to eat BBQ korean style food. The set comes with beef and pork with some vegetables. It is nice.

Then, we went to watch Jurassic World. The movie is nice, especially Chris Pratt and the velociraptor. The movie sets in the dreamy island, Isla Nublar, which is the same setting as the first Jurassic Park. This movie is the fourth Jurassic Park movie, the first Jurassic movie is at 1993, 22 years ago. That time I was still a young boy. I still have memories of watching Jurassic Park at my tuition teacher house at the village (kampung) when I was a small kid. During the opening, I heard the iconic theme song of Jurassic Park. I used to play this song in the band in Puay Chai 2. This brings back a lot of memories. Alas, Steven Spielberg cannot direct Jurassic World.

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